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Easy to Use Luxury Home Automation Systems
Crestron Digital Media Installation featuring a TPS-6XCrestron TPS-6L showing Kaleidescape ControlsCrestron TPS-6X in Home CinemaCrestron TPMC-8X in modern interiorTPMC-8X controlling Home Cinema in the Beetham TowerCrestron Digital Media Installation showing TV and TPS-6L in BedroomClaridges Hotel Brook Penthouse Bedroom furnitureHome Cinema installation in Liverpool lounge.
A high end home automation system is a must have in any new build property. Complex subsystems (such as heating, cooling, audio video distribution and lighting control) can all be made to work in harmony with much simpler controls than the manufacturer normally supplies. Our Home Automation Systems control anything electrical in the home, providing enhnaced energy saving and convenience. One simple to use interface can control a huge number of subsystems, without the need for any training or prior experience. Systems often include:

* Heating & Air-Conditioning Control
* Mood Lighting in the Home
* Fully Integrated Security Systems
* High Definition CCTV
* Curtain & Blind Control
* Automatic Bath Filling*

*This isn’t quite as common as the others but is an occassional request!

Installing one of our home automation control systems allows all the above electrical systems to be controlled by one easy to use touchpanel. Our team are trained to produce touchpanels which are easy to use and can be operated without any training. We can set up preprogrammed actions which ensure when the alarm is set that the lighting replays your previous activity (simulating occupancy) or the heating drops a few degrees until you return home. We can even allow control from an iPhone allowing you to change the heating from anywhere in the world, even pre-warming the sauna after a hard days skiing!

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