Electrical Gate Wiring

More functions
The LOGISTY wire free intercom is very much more than a
classic intercom. It not only permits you to welcome the
visitor at the door or gate, but also to open it remotely… at the touch of a button. And when you open the door or gate to a friend at night, the LOGISTY wireless intercom can also transmit a remote command to switch on an outside light to illuminate the entranceway.
More freedom
Thanks to radio technology, LOGISTY has created an intercom with a cordless handset. You can place it anywhere in the house, and can also carry it with you anywhere: you can even answer the door or gate from the garden, check who it is and open it if you wish,
herever you are around the house. You are free as air with the
LOGISTY wireless intercom; free to be simply at home, answering callers from the comfort of your chair in the lounge, office, workshop or garden.

More information
At a glance, your LOGISTY intercom reassures you by indicating that the doors and gates are properly closed.
If one of them remains open, or is in the process of opening,an icon on the LCD handset display informs you and identifies it.

More technology
The LOGISTY wire-free intercom uses an ultra reliable 2-way radio link. Patented under the name of DynaPass®, this technology protects the system against interference and disruption and provides an assured high quality radio link between the external Caller Unit and the handset. Easier and quicker to install, plus more secure than a wired system from accidental damage as there is virtually no wiring to be damaged! DynaPass® is a frequency agile radio technology: the radio receiver’s integrated scanner continuously looks for the best available radio channels with the least interference. As soon as a channel is disrupted, the receiver moves on to another available channel.

Without labour, or damage
Without wiring,the LOGISTY intercom avoids all the heavy installation labour: no masonry to be drilled or trenches to dig. The installation of the external Caller Unit, as it is slim and surface mounted does not require excavating the door or gate post for flush fitting. The Controller also only requires very little installation time since no 230 VAC mains cable is required to power it, and there is no wiring to the internal handset.
The interior handset is completely wire-free: it can be
placed almost anywhere in or around the house, and is
completely mobile.
Power Supply
The Controller is normally powered by 4 alkaline batteries, that provide power for up to 4 years, due to its leading edge technology of ultra low current consumption.

The Controller
Connected to the Caller Unit, it establishes the radio link between outside the locked door or gate and the inside. The system has a maximum range of 400 ms in free field, and according to conditions of installation and the environment. Typical operating range allowing for some intervening structures is approximately 150 metres.
The Caller Unit
Placed next to the entrance door or gate, the Caller Unit exists in one and two button versions (for single or dual dwelling operation), and is also available with a keypad allowing an authorised user to open the controlled entrance from the outside, using an access code. Every Caller Unit has a ruggedised anti-vandal version.

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